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Bangladesh Adventist Seminary School & College,
Gowalbathan, Kaliakoir, Gazipur-1750

A brief history of BASC

In 1964 several plots of land were purchased near Kaliakoir with the plan to start a educational program. The place was very remote at that time and almost unhabitable. In 1969 the educational need of the young people was given considration and under the leadership of Pr. D. P. Rema, a junior highschool was established. In 1973 the the educational program was upgraded to 10th grade and by 1976 a two year seminary program also started under the leadership of Sunith K. Das.
A special agricultural program, folowing the "Mittleidern Method" was introduced by W.L. Fuller to feed the students and train them for the future. In 1976 B.H. Stickle succeeded Sunith K. Das as Principal, under his leadership the school found a sure footing to development. After him Robert G. Burton served as a Principal untill Clyde E. Ondrizek arrived in 1977. When College Program is added, the school was named as Bangldesh Adventist Seminary and College in June, 1983.

A great preparation for the upgrading of this Junior college was led by Isaac P. Bairagee in 1987, followed by Edwin P. Rema, who prepared for the evaluation team from G.C. for four year degree approval. A four year Bachelor degree in Business, Religion and Education is inaugurated by the new college President Dr. Stephen R. Guptill, Ed.D in August 1990. A rapid development in college took place with the generous help and inspiration form several donners from Australia, Japan, Singapore, Sweden, Germany. Many volunteers, visitors, organization contributed for bulding Boys and Girls Dormitory ,Library, Administrative Building, Cafeteria cum Gymnesium etc.
In 1997, BASC filed an application to University Grant Commission of Bangladesh to be recognized as a private University under the Leadership of Dr. Winston R. Dennis, Ed. D. Thus the name was changed to Adventist University and Seminary of Bangladesh (AUSB) and a MOU was signed with Southern Adventist University (SAU), Tennessee, USA for the BBA extension program. Dr. Claudio M. Martin took charge in 2001, after a student unrest took place, thus the MOU fall apart and it was named again as Bangladesh Adventist Seminary and College (BASC).
Dr. Douglas D. Roy succeeded Dr. C. H. Tidwell, and served untill a South Korean Dr. Myun Ju Lee, D. Min was appointed as the President in October 01, 2005. Under his leadership sustantial improvement took place at BASC and in the community such as Water Filtering system, constructions of paved roads, pond renovation, allunimium framework for Dormitory windows, New generator installation, Married student quarter, Faculty house and Gowalbathan SDA Church construction, modern computer lab and internet facilities etc.

In 2013, Dr. Chong Ho Yang, a South Korean was appointed as BASC President from August 27, 2013- August 30, 2018. Under his leadership a huge development work has been done to establish Bangladesh Adventist Nursing Institution (BANI), Multipurpose Auditorium, Nursing Dormitory and Faculty houses etc. Later, Dr. Rontgen P. Bala was appointed as the interiam president untill new college President arrives at BASC campus.

In June 06, 2019, Dr. Ron du Preez, an internationally recognized bible scholar of SDA church, prominent professor from United States of America (USA) took charge as the President of the college and continue till April, 2020. Later, Dr. Rontgen P. Bala was appointed again as the interiam President of the college till new President arrives.

In June 03, 2021, Pr. Yun Gown Park, a missionary from South Korea took charge as the College President with a new vison and aspiration. In his leadership BASC is going to upgrade to a new state to develop the young generation as the future leader of the church, Community, and for the whole nation with enhanced skills and capablities. Let's praise our wonderful God for being so gracious toward BASC.
Bangladesh Adventist Seminary School & College

Gowalbathan, Kaliakoir, Gazipur-1750
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